Why “Aisi”?

Choosing the right school for your child is an important challenge for every parent and it is necessary that the school meets the relevant requirements. School “Ice” is the best choice because:


Academic standard: Academic standard and school reputation are the most important for our school. To achieve this result, the school staff works tirelessly to empower students with constant challenges, innovations and a strong curriculum. The high academic quality of the school is evidenced by the best results obtained by the graduates in the national exams, as well as the international funding that the students of our school receive and win in local and international conferences. Leading higher institutions annually award us with a certificate of appreciation for educating the best applicants.

School teachers: In order for a school to be the best, it is necessary to have the best teachers. All teachers of the private school “Aisi” are qualified and undergo constant training in order not to lag behind the innovations in the world educational space. The teachers of our school are distinguished by their ability to effectively transfer knowledge, experience, dedication and love for their work.

School culture and environment: Every school is unique. Therefore, it is important to consider the values of the school and whether the values of the parents match or not when choosing the right school. All this is important for the development of the student. Our school is focused on developing the ability of cooperation, teamwork and creativity. Our goal is to educate a world citizen, which is primarily realized in international education. Maximizing access to foreign programs, conquering Sorborne, Harvard and many other higher education institutions – this is our main goal.

Extra-curricular activities: It is important to develop a student not only in the classroom, but also outside the classroom. School “Ice” offers students a variety of extracurricular activities that match the interests of each student individually.

Special Services: Our school focuses on the academic, physical, and psychological needs of students with special needs. The school has all the resources to meet all the challenges that special education programs present. The infrastructure of the school is fully adapted for disabled people.

Individual approach: A method that works well for one student may not work for another. Accordingly, the school adapts to the individual needs of the child. Every student, as an individual, represents the most important value and good for the school, taking care of their proper development is one of the main goals of the school.